banniere futstop

FÛTSTOP : Lashing / straping barrels on pallets for transport safety

Futstop range includes 4 models: 1 barrel, 2 barrels, 3 barrels and 4 barrels for transport and handling safety

Made from High resistance polywoven, Futstop includes perimetral straping and lashing straps securing load on pallet.

With reusable camlock buckles, Futstop is easy to install without specific tools.

Built in strap guides avoid the straps to slide on the barrel round shape and preserve strap tensions during the entire trip.

First application is to effectively secure, lash, strap barrels on pallets for transport and handling safety but Futstop is also a premium solution for other rounded products such as drums, pails, coils...

Fûstop is also the ideal solution to protect your stored products, outstandings, opened pallets from dust , moisture and dirt.

Easiliy reusable, Futstop is adapted for safe transfers between workshops, shuttles etc...

Its reduced weight is perfect to secure barrels shipped by aircrafts


The European Best Practice Guidelines on Cargo Securing for Road Transport specifies in chapter 6.6 page 62:

"Any means of securing the load to the pallet, e.g. lashing, shrink wrapping, etc... can be used as long as the load pallet is able to withstand a sideways tilt angle of at least 26° without any significant sign of distortion"

The ADR 2015 reminds that dangerous good transports have to comply with the European Best practice guidelines.

In the majority of the applications, using stetch film to secure barrels does not allow to fulfill the 26° tilt condition.

Efficient straping is dificult to implement because straps slide on the barrels rounded shape and get loose due to transport and vibrations. Angleboards or special corners have to be use leading to an expensive packaging ramdomly efficient.

Futstop allows a very quick erection, prohibits straps to slide on rounded barrel shape and allows transport and handling safety in accordance with regulations.

Futstop resists to acids and to the majority of chemical products

Link to the The European Best Practice Guidelines on Cargo Securing for Road Transport:

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